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Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk - 600244

Spontoon Pipe Tomahawk

Overall Length: 23 1/2'' Blade: 2 3/4''
Retail Price:$69.95
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2 lb 3 oz

The Tomahawk is an iconic American weapon, its famous form created by two cultures to create a superb axe. The Tomahawk is both weapon and tool, fast in close combat and decisive when thrown. The word Tomahawk is an anglicized version of the Algonquian ‘’tamahaac’’ meaning ‘’what is used for cutting’’. Native American tomahawks had chiseled heads, but Colonists took its form and added a metal head based on the Royal Navy boarding axes. They quickly made a brisk business trading metal tomahawks to the Native Americans who had an initially insatiable desire for them. The input of these two cultures created a weapon well-suited to the frontier and tomahawks were found in the hands of both peoples universally. Even the Continental Congress of revolutionary America required that militiamen bring a tomahawk or cutting sword with their fighting kit to drill and battle.

The Pipe Tomahawk is particularly unique because its hammer head is a pipe and a hole is drilled through the shaft so that it can be smoked from the handle. Thus, in a single object the two dichotomies of New World encounters are symbolized; that of the axe of war or the pipe of peace. These Pipe Tomahawks were often gifts for inter-tribal diplomacy or colonist-indian peace treaties. They were prized by the Chiefs who received them, who in later years would be photographed with their Pipe Tomahawks. Lewis and Clark brought 50 Pipe Tomahawks with them on their expedition to use as gifts of goodwill to the tribes they would encounter.

This pipe tomahawk has an unsharpened head of high carbon steel. The shaft is of wood and is decorated with cross-hatched banding and riveted metal inlay. A hole is drilled through the shaft and into the pipe bowl, allowing for the use of the tomahawk as a peace pipe.

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