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Wulflund Battle Ready
Irish Gallowglass Axe - APW97

Irish Gallowglass Axe

Overall Length: 61 3/8'' Blade: 12''

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This item is not currently available for purchase. It may be a few weeks up to several months before they are back in stock. If you would like to be notified when this item returns please send a blank eMail to with subject ''APW97'' and we'll let you know as soon as it is back.
4 lb 14 oz

This Gallowglass Axe has a sharpened axehead of high carbon steel which securely mounted onto a stout haft of oak. A wooden axe wedge was pounded into the head of the haft to expand it to create a tight fit with the socket of the axe. This Gallowglass axe is based on an original 16th century example.

With a broad chopping blade and a long haft to afford the wielder plenty of leverage, this axe delivers decisively grievous hacks and chops. Even against a well-armored opponent, the sheer concussive force behind a blow from this axe will smash and rend the heaviest of armors. With such axes in hand it becomes clear why the Gallowglass were such fear-inducing opponents and the most successful Irish clans could confidently take to field with a solid core of resilient and hard-hitting Gallowglass to spearhead their battleline. Whatever their cost, many Chieftains found the Gallowglass worth their coin not only for battlefield prowess, but also in some cases for their honor - for even in dire circumstances many Gallowglass would steadfastly fight for the Chieftain who paid for them, as befitted their sense of contractual honor.

Whether in paid service to a Lord or as a mercenary of one of the ‘’for hire’’ Gallowglass Clans, the Gallowglass depended on a fierce reputation to secure demand for their services and this reputation was built with the bloody remnants of foes who were hewn asunder with the favored weapon of the Gallowglass; their trusty, two-handed axe.

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