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Viking Axe - SNAW1105

Viking Axe

Overall Length: 18 7/8''
Blade Length: 3 3/4''
Weigtht: 1 lb 7 oz
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In Stock!
1 lb 7 oz

This Viking Axe has a forged head of high carbon steel. Most of the axe has been left rough-finished for a forged, rustic appearance. The edge has been ground, sharped and polished, though it is left unsharpened. The shaft is of wood.

The war axe was always a popular weapon with Vikings - Fast, portable, durable and devastating, the war axe fulfilled all the requirements for a raiding weapon. The single-handed Scandinavian war axe has a smaller head than is commonly depicted in most fantasy depiction, but this serves only to make it faster and thus deadlier. When put into motion it carries more than enough heft to rend the links of chainmail and fatally strike the man within in a single hit - so why make it bigger, heavier and slower?

The axe does not have to rely on cutting alone to do deadly damage, for the weight of the axe does bludgeon damage as well as cleaving damage, both cutting and impacting flesh and bone. Though not as well suited as a survival tool as a utility axe, the war axe can be used for light camp duties in a pinch. Like swords, well-made axes were given names and supernatural attributes by the successful warriors who wielded them. All these attributes made the war axe well-suited for the long-range raiding the Vikings undertook, and brought more than enough bite to the fight to deal with the locals, however well armed, when they got there.

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